How to make ex phys posters

What I miss most about ex phys class is the poster-making. I didn’t know the basics of Adobe Photoshop, but I managed to create decent posters.

To be honest, my first batch of posters weren’t so great. It took some time for me to realize how to efficiently make posters. If you have like 3 days before deadline, and you have 3 posters to make, don’t panic. Just follow my gameplan and you’ll beat the deadline.

3 days before deadline (PLANNING)
1.) Play around the tools of Publisher (if you don’t know how to use Photoshop). Basically, textbox, shapes, colors are the tools you manipulate.
2.) Download fonts if you like.
3.) Google “medical posters”, check out Guiller Realin’s posters for “Fit”. He often posts on CHK Fb Group. The key is to use a MODEL POSTER that is clean and simple. I needed model posters to help me decide on the color schemes because I’m very fickle-minded.
4.) Start making the template (or skeleton) for each of your poster.

2 days before deadline (INFO GATHERING)
1.) Research in the library. Get all books, journals that discuss your topic.
2.) Write down your references already. Do this first, because you will be too drained and lazy afterwards. Trust me.

3.) Copy all the definitions, lists, and information that you plan to include in the poster. It will be easier if you encode directly into your laptop.
4.) Save all images that are relevant to your discussion.

1 day before deadline
1.) Put together the contents of your posters. Now, you will be able to narrow down the information, and images you’ve gathered.
2.) Use your model poster as guide. I swear it’s easier.
3.) Tips:
– make every title of a concept distinguishable from its description by setting a bigger font size, different color or enclosing it in a rectangle or whatever shape.
– When searching for photos, Google Images, select “Large” found on the left side bar. Google will filter the results to big images only.
-copy the url and paste it on the bottom of the photo
4.) SAVING: save as “PDF” file.  The file adjusts automatically to fit in the paper size when it’s time for printing.

On the day of the deadline (PRINTING)
1.) Test print at home, check if you have any misspelled words, etc.
2.) Have your posters printed at YZA (shopping center). They’re open as early as 7am.

My tips are very overt, but they’ll save you from panicking and going nuts. The whole ordeal of making posters in such a limited time trained me for the real working world- you CANNOT WAIT for the creative juices to pour in, you have to squeeze them from your resources. And most of all, be strategic. Good luck!

P.S. The best posters are made by Joshua Paunil! HIIIII Doc! 😉 haha


2 responses to “How to make ex phys posters

  1. haha! you should write one for me too! how to cram your thesis or something like that. i miss you, a! :-*

  2. Hahaha. I am amused that you would actually make one like this…

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