Rules for Moving On

  1. NO MORE crying. You had your cryathon so many weeks now. Last night was the best.
  2. NO MORE talking about it. When someone asks, just say that you don’t want to talk about it anymore.
  3. NO MORE checking of facebook/twitter.  Dear goodness it’s a disaster when you see something and assume so many things. 
  4. NO MORE reading of old text messages. There’s a reason they’re called old.  He doesn’t feel that way anymore.  So they’re irrelevant. He doesn’t love you anymore. 
  5. NO MORE tweeting about it/blogging about it.  You can keep track of your progress.  But no more of the long posts.  And besides, you are not supposed to be thinking about it so you don’t have thoughts.
  6. NO MORE texting/calling him.  He’s not there anymore.  You’re the only one chasing.  He doesn’t talk to you because he wants you to move on. He only talks to you because he’s courteous.  The letter, well, just throw it away.
  7. NO MORE thinking about it.  No more staring blankly at the ceiling, at the wall.  Just get up and go on with the day.
  8. Note to self: “He doesn’t love you anymore.” Isn’t that enough reason.  So stop it. 

Basically that’s it for now.

Day 1.


2 responses to “Rules for Moving On

  1. The “note to self” that I always keep on forgetting. 😐

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