Ice cream finally

Comfort food.

I’ve been wanting to eat ice cream since last week.   The last time I had one was when he said “So we have to grow.. as friends.”  At that moment, the banana split was served, and I imagined it splattering across the table and glass door. I no longer had appetite.  What the hell am I gonna do with this? I thought of movies where girl gets dumped, and indulges in cookies and ice cream.  Perfect. I found myself stuffing every scoop in my mouth without actually tasting anything.  All I wanted was to get the ice cream over with. And run.

Banana split in half was you and I. Whatthefuck. I was actually thinking about that lame analogy.

Anywaaay, fast forward to now.. I indulged in Magnum.



One response to “Ice cream finally

  1. awwww, you’re so cute here. ice cream is one of the greatest inventions of man. i also had an ice cream stick today. 😀

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