Saturday Singleness

I had my lunch alone. The chewiness of the mozarella cheese gave me some time to philosophize.  If I weren’t single, I wouldn’t be blogging.  If all of these did not happen, I wouldn’t be back to writing and poetry.  All I think about now is myself, and how to fill in my time. I’ve always wondered how it felt like to be carefree, to not worry about how people would think about what I do or say.  How fun can that be.

But to think about one’s self can be boring and sad, too. I guess that’s why we’re meant to live for someone, or something, or for some people, but not solely for ourselves.



2 responses to “Saturday Singleness

  1. I guess it’s a nice opportunity to get to know yourself and reorient your future goals (should you want to do so). Gumawa na lang tayo ng bucket list (corny pero I think it’d be fun!).

  2. After talaga ng Dec 3 let’s date and work on our Bucket list! I will use the notebook that you gave me 😀

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