Full Day

  1. Runnr Internship.  I cannot stress enough how wasteful of time it was!  The supervisor Starsky was on leave so the salesladies and men didn’t know what to do with us.  Fortunately, I brought my reviewers with me so I studied.  Another consolation was the cute boy- the lone person who actually helped us try the Foot Arch assessment and Video Gait Analysis.  He was a nursing graduate and semed very shy.  I do have a penchant for shy boys. hehe.  Anyway, the boredom was very hard to take, so we decided to leave early.
  2. Abe Lunch with Atty. Madel.  Tita Madel is probably the most locquacious family friend.  Her legal ways emerge in her motherly duties.  When her son took money from her without permission, she interrogated him with questions as good as if the scene was in a court.  But she’s  a loving and proud mom.  Another funny story was when her son insisted that she give him cellphone for advanced Christmas gift, she made him sign a contract in her diary. :))
  3. Block Review  WE were 8 in Jollibee, transferred to Shakey’s for dinner..
  4. Midnight Owl  Transferred here for mom to pick me up at a nearer place.

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