About Andrea

Andeng is not even my nickname. Dad would call me Andang, but that was so long ago. Danelle Maranan is the sole person who calls me Andeng. Not so coincidentally, she is the inspiration behind this blog. She is my ex-blockmate who found her real place in the College of Arts and Letters, UP-Diliman. She’s taking Comparative Literature, which I fondly call CLit.

I’m a Sports Science Major in the College of Human Kinetics (UP-Diliman CHK) now on my fifth year. How I entered this degree is an uncommon story- it was my mom who encouraged me to take Sports Science instead of Bio or Psych for my pre-medicine course. Normally, parents would dissuade their kids from studying sports. Sports are not studied, they’re played- so they say. Next year, hopefully, I will finally enter med school.

If I weren’t taking the path of becoming a doctor, I’d probably be an artist or a writer. I love the Arts and Humanities, and I just feel so at home in the libraries. Poetry is my favorite. I once fell in love with a boy who wrote me poems. After the romance, i lambasted his works cliche.

This About me has become unnecessarily lengthy. I’ll just tell you that I used to want to be a singer, and that my frustration was dancing and playing the piano. And that lawn tennis was supposed to be “my sport”.

I probably have a lot of unfinished endeavors, but I’m so glad I didn’t pass up the chance to serve. Not so long ago, I almost bid politics good-bye. But it found its way to seduce me once more. It promised me we’d make a change. So I indulged. It’s my kind of high.

I am now a graduate of sports science and will attend UST Med this June. 🙂


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