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I can live here

I can live here

I’m not a fan of modern-style huge houses. They make me feel I’m in a commercialized, artificial structures. Narra furniture make me feel at home and they make the accommodation more sincere and warm. Maybe because I grew up in my grandparents’ house whose interior was more of narra and Filipino families’ houses in the 80’s. I don’t think I will ever let my dad or aunt and uncle sell that house in the future without putting up some guilt-tripping arguments that it should be OUR CLAN’S HOME.

Anyway, somebody posted on FB this article on remodeling ideas for the house. Being a fan of utility and cleverness, I thought I might give “modern house” a chance. And that bi-level living room is my favorite. My other favorite is the library under the stairs.  Oh and the skyroof, too!


What’s brave

Oh please. It’s easy to lie about being okay when you’re not.  We do that all the time anyway, lie.  What gets us tongue-tied, rather, is telling the truth. And so putting into words “I am sad.” is an even braver thing to do.  It takes so much pride to admit that we’ve lost our control over ourselves because as many have pointed, happiness is a choice.  Geez if only it were that easy.

And it’s not like I am not happy at all.  I am. But I’d like to say the most honest feeling:

I am sad. 

I’m back

Yes, i’m back to blogging, again. A couple of reasons convinced me to. 1) Because I was searching for personal experiences of people on different things, like yeah, med school and the blogs id find were outdated. Everyone’s on facebook, twitter and instagram and have abandoned their blogs. My snoopiness cannot be satisfied by those, plus, they on high level privacy settings. another person who’d search for information, they can count on my blog. I hope. 2) because this is the medium Danelle and I share interest in. I love you soul sister!

Is it love

When you wait

and he doesn’t know until when

But you still do, anyway

Is it love?

When you are sure

and he’s not

but you’re still headstrong,anyway

Is it love?

When it hurts

so much

Is it love?

Hashtag It’s Over

“I love you as a friend” #itsOver

When you feel out of place in his life. #itsOver

When she gets tired. #itsOver

Full Day

  1. Runnr Internship.  I cannot stress enough how wasteful of time it was!  The supervisor Starsky was on leave so the salesladies and men didn’t know what to do with us.  Fortunately, I brought my reviewers with me so I studied.  Another consolation was the cute boy- the lone person who actually helped us try the Foot Arch assessment and Video Gait Analysis.  He was a nursing graduate and semed very shy.  I do have a penchant for shy boys. hehe.  Anyway, the boredom was very hard to take, so we decided to leave early.
  2. Abe Lunch with Atty. Madel.  Tita Madel is probably the most locquacious family friend.  Her legal ways emerge in her motherly duties.  When her son took money from her without permission, she interrogated him with questions as good as if the scene was in a court.  But she’s  a loving and proud mom.  Another funny story was when her son insisted that she give him cellphone for advanced Christmas gift, she made him sign a contract in her diary. :))
  3. Block Review  WE were 8 in Jollibee, transferred to Shakey’s for dinner..
  4. Midnight Owl  Transferred here for mom to pick me up at a nearer place.

I just forgot

I just forgot.