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I can live here

I can live here

I’m not a fan of modern-style huge houses. They make me feel I’m in a commercialized, artificial structures. Narra furniture make me feel at home and they make the accommodation more sincere and warm. Maybe because I grew up in my grandparents’ house whose interior was more of narra and Filipino families’ houses in the 80’s. I don’t think I will ever let my dad or aunt and uncle sell that house in the future without putting up some guilt-tripping arguments that it should be OUR CLAN’S HOME.

Anyway, somebody posted on FB this article on remodeling ideas for the house. Being a fan of utility and cleverness, I thought I might give “modern house” a chance. And that bi-level living room is my favorite. My other favorite is the library under the stairs. ¬†Oh and the skyroof, too!