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I can live here

I can live here

I’m not a fan of modern-style huge houses. They make me feel I’m in a commercialized, artificial structures. Narra furniture make me feel at home and they make the accommodation more sincere and warm. Maybe because I grew up in my grandparents’ house whose interior was more of narra and Filipino families’ houses in the 80’s. I don’t think I will ever let my dad or aunt and uncle sell that house in the future without putting up some guilt-tripping arguments that it should be OUR CLAN’S HOME.

Anyway, somebody posted on FB this article on remodeling ideas for the house. Being a fan of utility and cleverness, I thought I might give “modern house” a chance. And that bi-level living room is my favorite. My other favorite is the library under the stairs.  Oh and the skyroof, too!


Totally telling myself this

Totally telling myself this



I’m a kisser


I have and always will be an expressive person who likes to kiss.


Tracking my fitness


Posting a calendar on my wall to track my workout has motivated me to stick to my schedule. I record my cheat days there and also put my frustrations in writing.
I’m gonna have to make another spread because that was interrupted by a very unwanted event. Ugh.


I just forgot

I just forgot.


with you someday

with you someday


Right book

I want to be able to smile again. I’ve never been this depressed and lost. I don’t want to be a psycho ex.  So I wanted to move on and find my own happiness, whatever kind of happiness it was.  I was ready to plan out parties, escapades, wild, carefree nights with friends, with anyone.  There’s nothing that a bottle of Jack can’t cure. Although I knew that was wrong, but somehow I didn’t care anymore what would happen to me.  He didn’t care anymore, anyway.  What’s the point of becoming “better” for him and “worthy” of him when he’s not coming back anyway?  I was ready to get wasted.

I still have a bit of sense, though.  There was no one I could turn to but God.  I used to read books about True Love according to His ways.

I remember he gave this book “When God Writes your Love Story”  for my birthday.  And I didn’t really feel ecstatic about it.  I found it pointless to read something that would only say “Wait. Do not be in a relationship yet. God has better plans for you…”  Hello? I was already in a relationship and you tell me that? Weeks before he gave me the book, Mom already showed me a review about it.  I thought it was corny.

Finally, I decided to read the book
and the first line was “I think we should break up…”

It’ll keep me busy.